Episode 18: Bryan’s Notes


An Andron Film Production

10 must enter the challenge

The Redemption Games

Who is Skin?

Pretty intense intro and credits

  • 1989 batman

Who the hell are you? Introductions

  • guess they don’t know they are in the game?
  • Don’t remember anything – maze runner

Starts with the mystery, we know as much as our characters

  • two groups of people wandering around
  • One group finds girl and savage
  • Other group runs into guy with weapon

Woman in white, camouflage

  • watching them,monitoring

They are all phased?

  • one runs into room, others come in after and don’t see each other
  • Wonder is there is time difference?

Girl from one group killed to keep her quiet

Geek killed by getting squished

Everyone is together, then they are split up again

Hunger games meets maze runner meets running man meets saw

Alec Baldwin giving commentary

  • game master

Danny Glover and his assistant

  • not sure what is going on here
  • She bet on game
  • Provided Adam with chancellors files

Bald black girl

  • explains everything about the conditioning
  • Explains the game

Game is about control of the populace

  • they bet their lives on a contender

Neuro connections?

So many fight scenes.

  • one by one combat with super bad guy

Baldwin getting upset that nothing is going as planned

  • though we know it’s because of the hacking and corruption of the game
  • But the concept is flawed anyway
  • By not knowing why they are in there, why would they automatically turn on each other

They rig the games to kill civilians

  • they follow the voting and kill those with most supporters
  • Population control

Elanor is white woman sister

  • she remembers and starts killing everyone
  • I guess baldwin raised them?

Post credit Wtf?

So will there be a sequel?

Movie had a lot going for it, even though it was a copy of other films and concepts

  • but it didn’t take time to establish the world, backgrounds, or motivation

Less a movie about about a survival competition and more about the contestants fighting against the man