Episode 11: Bryan’s Notes

Found in Time

70s-80s intro

Albert Einstein Quote to start

Starts in a field

  • keeps coming back to field
  • Tie dye guy is his guide

Chris – psychic

  • on meds
  • Understanding girlfriend Gina
  • He’s a tinker, gatherer? Sells junk.
  • Gets headaches
  • Collector but has ability to give people what they want
  • Died of sids and came back
  • After movie, has vision of proposal when finding a ball
  • Doesn’t remember going out with Bridget and John

Gina wants him to see a shrink

  • he sees man in weird helmet
  • He and Gina are investigating string theory?
  • They all wear masks
  • The shrink is the man wanting the rock with blood on shirt

Upright nail? Vision in the woods

  • keep looking at the nail
  • Finds other things that trigger vision
  • Ball, rock, tarot card

RJ – coffee man

  • types inspirational words and pours coffee
  • Goes to get lunch, comes back quick but not
  • Keeps asking if Chris proposed
  • Chris’s vision of killing cops was then beating RJ. RJ says to listen to Gina

Cops take picture of Chris and see what he sees

  • Sold a stone to man with blood, cops go after
  • You have to tell the cops the truth otherwise they take vendor license
  • Man comes back and wants a rock

Chris going home finds knife and walks into woods, sees cops beating someone

Gina has patient that lost her way

  • Chris sees her in the field
  • She comes to the vendor corner
  • Sells woven bracelets
  • Gives one to Chris, has headache and vision of him with knife killing cop
  • Then jumps to seeing Gina at the end of the day, later does it again

Goes to get lunch, sees the man

  • vision of looking at evidence?
  • Man was talking to Ayana
  • Turns out he is Chris’s shrink

Cops take meds and come back and say it’s got illegal sedative

  • order him to the mines
  • Chris and RJ fight
  • Chris has vision of talking to RJ about how they got started
  • RJ runs into cops and pulls out knife
  • Chris talking to shrink about going to the mines. Shrink tells him he’s already there
  • Scene with people at table
  • Chris leaving the street corner for good, finds the knife and kills the cops.
  • Goes home. Has pills. Ayana asks about pills and Chris has vision of proposal gone wrong

Gina said that Ayana was supposed to kill the cops

Gina built the models

Was assigned to study Chris but fell for him

Chris meets with shrink and he walks in on the meeting

Something with all the people in a dark room looking at stuff on a table

Chris has a picture of the field

Ayana and Chris in the field with tie dye

They go back to dark room, drop nail upright and escape the building

Chased by security guards

Go to Ayana’s apartment, has vision of kissing her at the tree

Chris leaves and goes back to when he first met Gina

  • comes back to apartment with him holding knife, dead Gina on the couch but another Gina comes in.
  • Connects everything bad happening as a result of giving Gina a penny.
  • He realizes he has to go back and not give her the penny.

Gina and shrink are studying people that can shift through time and alter the outcomes of the world around them

Back to the vendor corner

  • cops alive again.
  • Ayana taunts the cops not they attack her at the tree
  • Chris chases after the cops to stop the attack and they attack him
  • Ayana kills cops
  • She found the knife on the ground.

They are in a loop

Chris and Ayana touch the fabric in Ayana’s apartment and see vision at tree

  • cops were just trying to scare Chris
  • Gina there watching
  • Chris takes knife and goes to Gina
  • Chris is trying to change the outcome so he and Ayana don’t go to mine

Chris needs to walk away and not play the game. Leaving with Ayana. Offers RJ to join them.

Chris comes across doctor and gives him The rock

Now Chris is in the dark room again with the nail

Then he’s back at the tree with cops attacking RJ. Chris puts nail on ground and distracts cops. They were able to get away.

Chris changed the outcome

Chris RJ and Ayana are going to get away.

  • Chris and Ayana meet tie dye and he offers for them to leave with him
  • They refuse and want to go back

Back to RJ walking through Central Park.

So much jumping around

Cops are trollers

Chris and Ayana at the tree

Movie changed what it was. It first was a movie about living out of sequence which then turned into one of those time travel movies that you can relive sequences to change past events for a different outcome.